lens2odata makes query answering over OData and Linked-Data far easier, using a graphical experience for composing even complex queries


  • Provides metamodel-driven OData query construction
    • Eliminates any configuration required to expose any OData service to lens2odata
  • Allows searches to be saved and rerun
    • Allows ease of use by casual users
  • Allows queries to be pinned to 'Lens' dashboard panels
    • Provides simple-to-use dashboard
  • Searches can be parameterized
    • Allows for easy configuration of queries
  • Compatible with odata2sparql, a service that exposes any triple store as an OData service
    • providing Query Answering over Linked Data (QALD)

Additional Information

  1. An overview is available here: lens2odata:answering complex OData queries with easy-to-use graphical interface
  2. Full technical documentation can be downloaded by entering your details here: 

    • Lens2OData can be downloaded from GitHub: lens2odata