odata2sparql provides a standardized  RESTful interface to any RDF triple-store making application development over RDF far easier.

OData2SPARQL is an OData proxy protocol convertor for any SPARQL/RDF triplestore. To compare SPARQL with OData is somewhat misleading. After all SPARQL has its roots as a very powerful query language for RDF data, but is not intended as a RESTful protocol. Similarly OData has its roots as an abstract interface to any type of datastore, not as a specification of that datastore. Some have said 'OData is the equivalent of ODBC for the Web'.

The data management strengths of SPARQL/RDF can be combined with the application development strengths of OData with a protocol proxy: OData2SPARQL, a Janus-point between the application development world and the semantic information world.


  • OData proxy for any triplestore
    • Immediately provides a RESTful API so that RDF can be consumed by applications, application development environments, and development tools
  • Infers metamodel from RDFModel
    • Entirely code-less deployment
  • Supports complex OData queries
    • Allows unlimited navigation through object properties to related entities
  • Published OData entities can be supplemented with SPIN pseudo entities
    • Allows RESTFul API to be tuned to match the application needs without any coding