Peter Lawrence


Peter Lawrence’s 40+ year career has focused on the application of automation and information technology to the process manufacturing sector, especially agroscience, oil and gas, mining, and refining as well as legal.

Peter has a proven record of talking ‘geek’ to C-levels, then converting C-level vision into real, working, solutions, including developing the solution.

In this career, Peter Lawrence has started up several instrumentation, automation and information companies and divisions where he led the innovations within those groups. Prior to being VP Solutions at TopQuadrant, and CTO at Matrikon (which became Honeywell), Peter was President of Resolution Integration Solutions, Technical Director at Morrison Knudsen Corporation, Vice President of KBC Process Consultants, Inc., a founder of KBC Process Automation, and founder of Process Automation and Computer Systems. Peter Lawrence holds undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Brunel University and a Doctorate from the University of Wales of Science and Technology Dynamic Analysis Group.


  • Information management design and development: semantic database, relational database , and object-orientated;
  • Process manufacturing execution systems (MES) architecture, design, development, and deployment;
  • Process manufacturing applications: material accounting, reconciliation, real-time analysis system, information management, work-process management.
  • Collaboration systems, especially those based on SharePoint