Don’t take my word on it, take my clients’ and colleagues’ word!

Here’s what other people think:

“Peter Lawrence is passionate and committed about driving innovation on technology inside and outside of the company he works for. His leadership brought great change on Matrikon’s technology taking Matrikon to a pioneer status on the MES industry. His excellent communication skills allow him to connect with peers and more importantly with customers to understand the business needs of process industries and to enable a smooth flow of solutions to resolve those business issues. I highly recommend Peter Lawrence as technology leader and technology visionary.”

Alvaro Rozo Ortega, Product Manager (Electronic Logbook), Matrikon

“Semantic Web is Peter Lawrence…”

Cristobal Hernandez, Software Engineer I, Honeywell Process Solution

“Peter has an amazing ability to innovate elegant solutions to complex business and technical problems. This is followed up by impeccable communication of the concepts to a diverse audience. He reads widely and can pull together ideas from diverse fields to formulate unique solutions. Peter has a very extensive broad set of technical skills including dynamic systems, reconciliation, optimization, business processes and software engineering. Most importantly, Peter is extremely passionate about his work.”

Sam Crisafulli, VP and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Matrikon Inc.

“I have known Peter Lawrence for 3 years while he worked as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Matrikon. I have been consistently impressed by Peter’s dedication to his work, his performance on the job and his effective leadership within our department and company-wide. His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with both our clients and our staff.
When it comes to public speaking, Peter is exceptional. Though Peter’s technical knowledge is vast, he takes the time to understand his audience and he presents complex technical concepts in layman’s terms when required.
Peter has been a great mentor and is someone I respect and look up to. I have no reservation at all in recommending him.”

Isaac Vanderpuye, Software Developer, Matrikon