Don’t take my word on it, take my clients’ and colleagues’ word!

Here’s what other people think:

“I have had the honor of working with Peter for somewhere around 4 years in various roles directly or indirectly managed by Peter. I have always been amazed by how much there is to Peter. He is a brilliant visionary with a passion for technology. He is well versed in technologies that support his vision, whether they are mainstream or emerging areas. He can take these technologies and envision and create solutions to complex technical and business domain problems. Beyond the technical brilliance, Peter is a great educator and spokes man. Peter does a great job of explaining very intricate and difficult technical details to other technical people in order to realize implementation of that vision. At the same time, Peter can adapt to the communication needs of other stakeholders involved in the projects and products he’s managing.
Peter is an extremely hard working individual. He never seems to stop working or thinking. Even laden with heavy travel, Peter doesn’t slow down, but merely appears to live and work in 3 parts of the world simultaneously. When he’s not working hard, there is a very interesting personal side full of interesting hobbies and interesting conversations. I will miss having those conversations in person.
I would certainly invite the opportunity to work with Peter again in the future. I learned a lot, grew a lot and can see that I have much to improve if I am to become a shadow of what he has been for these past 4 years.”

Greg Hansen, Software Developer, Matrikon Inc.

“Peter had a rare combination of abilities that allowed him to create and drive a technical vision from at least three perspectives: 1. Business Value Proposition: Define and discuss the vision with customers in a way that relates their actual problems and concerns 2. High Level Technical Perspective: Create a high-level vision that includes aspects like an architecture, technology choices, patterns for solving common types of problems, engineering processes for building the software, plans for deploying the vision across organizational disciplines. 3. The nuts and bolts: Understands enough of the nuts and bolts in order to could put the right things in play to realize this vision. I have never met an individual with all these skill in my 12+ years in this industry.”

Dan Lishingman, Software Developer, Matrikon

“I really enjoyed working with Peter and hearing his views on new and developing technologies. He is a visionary but with both feet planted on the ground; he knows how to keep it ‘real’. Underlying his intelligence and expertise is an energy level and work ethic that is unsurpassed! He is a great technology leader.”

Christopher McNabb, Manager, Control Performance Solutions, Matrikon

“Peter is an outstanding visionary and extremely passionate person when it comes to technology. I had the pleasure to work with Peter at several occasions where Peter’s knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm helped to ignite new business at customers as well as giving new inspiration to colleagues and people around him. Peter is a true manager and his interpersonal as well as his presentation skills are extraordinary. I sincerely recommend Peter”

Holger Vegelan, Solutions Manager EMEA, Matrikon