Don’t take my word on it, take my clients’ and colleagues’ word!

Here’s what other people think:

“Peter is a true genius and a technology visionary. He has an unbelievable ability to anticipate the future and finds a way to make it comprehensible for those around him in the present. He is one of the most passionate and dedicated individuals I have met and is one of the most respected individuals I have come across.”

Karim Rayani, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Matrikon Inc.


“Peter is a visionary who can passionately detail and communicate his vision to co-workers and clients alike. He works tirelessly to find new ways to apply technology to transform our industry. I have worked for or with Peter for over 13 years and I whole heartedly recommend him.”

Marge Venczel, Product Quality Manager, Resolution Integration Solutions, Inc.

“Peter is simply excellent to work with. Peter has an excellent grasp on the current and future direction of technology in process industries, and has been instrumental in setting technology direction for Matrikon. He shows a passion and dedication to his work that you don’t find very often. Peter also has true interest in the well being of the people he works with. I highly recommend Peter and would welcome speaking to anyone in this regard.”

John Veldhuis, Account Manager, Houston, TX, Matrikon Inc.

“Peter has an amazing ability to innovate elegant solutions to complex business and technical problems. This is followed up by impeccable communication of the concepts to a diverse audience. He reads widely and can pull together ideas from diverse fields to formulate unique solutions. Peter has a very extensive broad set of technical skills including dynamic systems, reconciliation, optimization, business processes and software engineering. Most importantly, Peter is extremely passionate about his work.”

Sam Crisafulli, VP and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Matrikon Inc.