Don’t take my word on it, take my clients’ and colleagues’ word!

Here’s what other people think:

“Peter is a visionary who has the unique ability to foresee the industry business need and technology relevance and bring it together. He evangelizes technology both within the company and externally with the customers.
It was a pleasure to listen to Peter discuss technology and its value to the industry”

Sujatha Kumar, Vice President, US Operations, Matrikon

“I very much enjoyed working with Peter at Matrikon, and I can honestly say that I learnt a lot from him. As Chief Technical Officer he had to have a handle on a great number of technologies and systems, both existing and emerging, and he was able to do this with what appeared to be relative ease! I wish Peter all the best in his future endeavors.”

Gary Park, Senior Software Systems Engineer, Matrikon Europe Ltd

“Peter was the CTO when I worked for the Solutions Division of Matrikon. It is my view that Peter’s innovative ideas had a profound effect on the technological direction the company took, making it an attractive proposition to larger multi nationals. Peter is one of the only people I know who is able to communicate his ideas and enthusiasm in such a unique way that ensures the ‘buy in’ of other key stake holders within the organization. I believe he was a key member of the Senior Management Team.”

Sean Herring, UK Sales & Marketing Manager – IMAC Products, Matrikon

“I really enjoyed working with Peter and hearing his views on new and developing technologies. He is a visionary but with both feet planted on the ground; he knows how to keep it ‘real’. Underlying his intelligence and expertise is an energy level and work ethic that is unsurpassed! He is a great technology leader.”

Christopher McNabb, Manager, Control Performance Solutions, Matrikon