Don’t take my word on it, take my clients’ and colleagues’ word!

Here’s what other people think:

“Peter is simply excellent to work with. Peter has an excellent grasp on the current and future direction of technology in process industries, and has been instrumental in setting technology direction for Matrikon. He shows a passion and dedication to his work that you don’t find very often. Peter also has true interest in the well being of the people he works with. I highly recommend Peter and would welcome speaking to anyone in this regard.”

John Veldhuis, Account Manager, Houston, TX, Matrikon Inc.

“Peter is an enthusiastic visionary who understands the technology required to deliver on that vision. This has enabled him to guide our large engineering team in a very complex environment. Additionally he has a proven ability to gain the buy-in needed to have a significant impact on the business.”

Bryan Duncan, Project Manager, Matrikon

“Peter brought an evangelistic style to the CTO role that ensured our clients felt that the technology vision and platforms of the company would provide significant value to their business and were ahead of the curve. He was also able to generate significant internal excitement for the business and where it was headed, and followed that up by providing individual attention through supporting business development with opportunities and technologists with their solutions. I especially enjoyed Peter’s passion, vision and ability to engage an audience.”

Sean Murdoch, Manager, Major Projects (IS), Matrikon Asia-Pacific

“Peter is a visionary within the systems domain and an ardent and indefatigable enthusiast of applied technologies. Peter not only manages to maintain currency across the multitude of breakneck-paced technology trends, but can shape these into a working paradigm that enables an organization to formulate and deliver solutions, services and a coherent marketing strategy. Certainly Peter’s insight into optimization, production and operational systems (typified by MES functions) has enabled him to realize tangible benefits whether applied to externally to clients, or internally within his own organization. Personally Peter has provided me tools to attain a new level of enthusiasm and clarity for this domain and was as a source of professional inspiration. It was a pleasure working with and learning from Peter. I would certainly recommend Peter to any organization looking for a kick start or step change in their approach to the delivery, application or management of technology.”

David Dickson, Regional Accounts Manager, Matrikon Asia-Pacific