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Transformational Solutions for Achieving Process Manufacturing Excellence

Inova8 provides the products and services for transforming your business to achieve process manufacturing excellence.

Inova8 can help you plan for excellence:

Inova8 can help you execute your plan for excellence:

Inova8 helps you sustain your excellence:

Inova8 can offer onsite, offsite, and customized courses to help you achieve Process Manufacturing excellence:

Inova8’s products and services pivot around the Process Manufacturing Model (PMM); form-follows-function, and function is best understand via a model




“Peter had a rare combination of abilities that allowed him to create and drive a technical vision from at least three perspectives: 1. Business Value Proposition: Define and discuss the vision with customers in a way that relates their actual problems and concerns 2. High Level Technical Perspective: Create a high-level vision that includes aspects like an architecture, technology choices, patterns for solving common types of problems, engineering processes for building the software, plans for deploying the vision across organizational disciplines. 3. The nuts and bolts: Understands enough of the nuts and bolts in order to could put the right things in play to realize this vision. I have never met an individual with all these skill in my 12+ years in this industry.”

Dan Lishingman, Software Developer, Matrikon