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Transformational Solutions for Achieving Process Manufacturing Excellence

Inova8 provides the products and services for transforming your business to achieve process manufacturing excellence.

Inova8 can help you plan for excellence:

Inova8 can help you execute your plan for excellence:

Inova8 helps you sustain your excellence:

Inova8 can offer onsite, offsite, and customized courses to help you achieve Process Manufacturing excellence:

Inova8’s products and services pivot around the Process Manufacturing Model (PMM); form-follows-function, and function is best understand via a model




“To say Peter is passionate about technology would be like saying the Beatles were an "OK" band, it doesn't do him justice. There has to be a better way to describe his energy, commitment, creativity, and ability to engage the minds of those around him. He is 'inertialess' and is able to quickly overcome obstacles. Peter is a man of integrity and during the six years that I have worked with him I have never known him to compromise it.”

Jay Funnell, Chief Software Architect, Matrikon Inc.