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Transformational Solutions for Achieving Process Manufacturing Excellence

Inova8 provides the products and services for transforming your business to achieve process manufacturing excellence.

Inova8 can help you plan for excellence:

Inova8 can help you execute your plan for excellence:

Inova8 helps you sustain your excellence:

Inova8 can offer onsite, offsite, and customized courses to help you achieve Process Manufacturing excellence:

Inova8’s products and services pivot around the Process Manufacturing Model (PMM); form-follows-function, and function is best understand via a model




“Peter was the CTO when I worked for the Solutions Division of Matrikon. It is my view that Peter's innovative ideas had a profound effect on the technological direction the company took, making it an attractive proposition to larger multi nationals. Peter is one of the only people I know who is able to communicate his ideas and enthusiasm in such a unique way that ensures the 'buy in' of other key stake holders within the organization. I believe he was a key member of the Senior Management Team.”

Sean Herring, UK Sales & Marketing Manager - IMAC Products, Matrikon