RDF2model combines the ease of understanding of SKOS with the precision of RDFS/OWL

SKOS, the Simple Knowledge Organization System, offers an easy to understand schema for vocabularies and taxonomies. However modeling precision is lost when skos:semanticRelation predicates are introduced.

Combining SKOS with RDFS/OWL allows both the precision of owl:ObjectProperty to be combined with the flexibility of SKOS. However clarity is then lost as the number of core concepts (aka owl:Class) grow.

Many models are not just documenting the 'state' of an entity. Instead they are often tracking the actions performed on entities by agents at locations. Thus aligning the core concepts to the Activity, Entity, Agent, and Location classes of the PROV ontology provides a generic upper-ontology within which to organize the model details.


  • Combines SKOS with RDFS/OWL
    • Can be viewed from a ‘SKOS’ point of view
    • Same model can be viewed as RDFS/OWL for those that want improved granularity

Additional Information

  1. An overview is available here:
  2. Full technical description is available here: