Incrementally update RDF on RDBMS changes, avoiding time consuming bulk load

Improved concurrency of replicated data

Reduced overhead compared with full materialization of data

Improved query performance compared with virtualization

Reduced configuration overhead by using R2RML mapping




Support SKOS, RDFS, OWL simultaneously, offering easy to use concept navigation with rigor of RDFS/OWL

Combine model precision of RDFS/OWL with flexibility of SKOS

Track not just the ‘state’ of entities but their lifecycle as well

Does not inhibit growth of model to any complexity




Rewrite SPARQL over federated datasources

Avoids writing complex federated SPARQL queries

Federation configured by VOID model

Federated query optimization




Provide standardized RESTful interface to RDF that can be used by multiple applications

OData proxy for RDF triplestore

Infers metamodel from RDF model

Supports complex OData queries





Answer complex queries with easy-to-use graphical interface

OData metamodel driven query construction

Save and rerun searches

Pin queries to dashboard panels (Lens’)

Parameterized searches

Compatible with odata2sparql, providing Query Answering over Linked Data (QALD)



Data Reconciliation & Resolver

Excel add-in for Measurement Data Reconciliation

High performance, accurate, and robust algorithm optimized for the data reconciliation problem

Solver for linear, nonlinear, equality, and inequality constraints

Same model configuration as Excel Solver

Linked Enterprise Data Design and Deployment

Integration design and deployment

Replace your Data Cathedrals with Information Shopping Bazaars

Provide casual user information accessibility

Provide any user the ability to answer any question of any data