Resolver Production Data Reconciliation

Resolver is an Excel add-in that performs data reconciliation using a high performance, accurate, and robust algorithm optimized for the data reconciliation problem. It uses the same problem setup as the Solver Excel-add-in. In fact the problems are interchangeable. You can setup and solve a problem in Resolver and then use the same setup and problem definition to try and solve it with Solver, just in case you want verification of the results! Resolver is not limited to trivial problems: it has been tested with hundreds of variables, and hundreds of constraints, both linear and nonlinear.


  • Solver that is optimized for the data reconciliation problem.
    • Exceptionally fast,
    • Very robust even in cases of poorly conditioned models (large differences in flows for example)
    • Very accurate solver without having to manually normalize ranges of measurements
    • Handles linear, nonlinear, equality, and inequality data reconciliation problems 
  • Uses same setup as Excel Solver
    • Minimises configuration

Additional Information

  1. Resolver tutorial is available here
  2. A comparison using Excel Solver alone is available here:
  3. A video demo is available here:
  4. Resolver Technical Documentation: A detailed description of the algorithms and analysis used within the Resolver data reconciliation engine. Resolver Technical Documentation
  5. Measurement uncertainty: The objective of this paper is to arrive at simplified yet realistic uncertainties by making some generally applicable assumptions with regard to the installed conditions of the flow measurement device for typical installations. Measurement Uncertainty
  6. Download Excel addin msi:ResolverSetup